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sub_headerExtruded High Performance Plastics to solve your design problems.

Certified Thermoplastics has been providing custom profile thermoplastic extrusions since 1978. An AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 registered company, we specialize in design solutions requiring precision tolerances using difficult-to-extrude engineering thermoplastic resins, compounds and alloys.  We are a family owned and operated company that prides itself on our stable, long term workforce which translates into the best customer service and quality control in the business.  Please give us a call or email to discuss your project.

Material Selector

Homeimages-1Selecting the right material for the job is the single most important choice you will make.  We extrude hundreds of different resins from ABS to PEEK to ULTEM and more, including glass, carbon and Aramid reinforcement fillers. [more…]

How Extrusions Solve Design Problems

Homeimages-3Working from the requirements of the application, we help you choose the proper Engineering Thermoplastic, and can help you design the profile to simplify, improve and increase the value of your design.  Snap together assembly and snap apart disassembly, living hinges, multi-lumen tubing, elastomeric and optical properties are all used in designing with Engineering Thermoplastics. S econdary operations such as drilling, tapping, notching, adhesive bonding and welding are all incorporated into Engineering Thermoplastics extrusion products. [more…]

Design Guide for Extrusion

Homeimages-2A design that incorporates the unique benefits of extrusion can minimize costs and maximize benefits. Keeping these simple design hints in mind will help provide a more valuable and cost-effective solution for your application. [more…]

Thermoplastics vs. Metals

Homeimages-5Oftentimes plastics are a better, lighter, more robust and cost effective alternative to metals such as aluminum and steel. [more…]

Contact Us

Homeimages-6The best way to have any extrusion or plastics question answered is to pick up the phone and call us!  Even if a plastic extrusion is not the solution, we’ll do our best to advise and point you in the right direction. [more…]